Multiple Projects for Carlsberg in Vietnam

Carlsberg, a household name far and wide, produces “probably the best beer in the world”, and we at IntES are very happy to help them in their ‘pursuit of better’. One of the leading brewery groups worldwide, the Carlsberg group has an extensive portfolio of beer brands and other beverages, exported to over 100 countries across Europe, Asia and beyond.

We have been proudly working with Carlsberg for a number of years across multiple projects of varying sizes, specifications and engineering specialisms.

Projects Overview:

Client: Carlsberg Vietnam
Where: Carlsberg Existing Facilities across Vietnam
IntES Services: Engineering consultancy, Engineering Project Management, Construction Management and Procurement support

About the projects:

Carlsberg first chose IntES for our excellent service reputation and competitive prices, which we are pleased to heave lived up to ever since. In 2019 we completed a successful internal and external firefighting system upgrade, followed later in the year with a spot cooling project to improve the working environment on the filling line.

Currently we are working through 3 phases of building upgrade works at Carlsberg’s brewery in Hue. The first phase involved upgrading RGB line 1 to meet Carlsberg’s exacting global standards. Phase 2 involved RGB line 2, the can line, brewhouse and fermentation area, for which the design work is now complete and awaiting construction. And phase 3 is our currently ongoing project on the keg line.

Our Approach:

Since these upgrading works are on existing factories currently in commission we of course had to meet the challenge of coordinating these upgrades around the normal day to functioning of brewery operations and processes. It was paramount to ensure there would be no interruptions to Carlsberg’s operations nor any contamination of other production areas for which Carlsberg quite rightly has extremely high hygiene requirements. As such meticulous planning of the construction works is vital to this project.

As such we made sure the prioritisation and smooth arrangement of construction activities were highly optimised in order to fit a tight construction timeline to avoid operational delays. In addition we had a fixed handover date due to installation of process equipment. And of course to add to the challenge, construction was executed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thankfully, here at IntES we regularly deal in the challenging, unusual or difficult – it’s our bread and butter! Together with Carlsberg and the contractors we identified the risk posed by Covid-19 very early on and initiated strict prevention measures to avoid any delays. This together with our astute planning and adaptations to ensure the isolation of construction activities from the rest of the site’s operations has meant that we have completed each phase thus far on-time within our tight schedule, to IntES’ consistently high quality, and with no time lost to injury or otherwise.

Carlsberg have been so pleased with our performance in fact, that whilst we still have ongoing projects with them, the completion of our work so far has earned us an appreciation letter which we are very proud of. The ‘Appreciate of Achievement’ from Carlsberg’s Project Director, Nguyen Thai Ha, recognises our “valuable contribution to the project for the quality design, tender, quality, safety and on schedule” and our “reliable performance in project execution”.

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