PFAD Filtration Skid

Project Overview:

Project: PFAD Filtration Skid
Where: The Netherlands
IntES Services: Engineering, Procurement & Construction

About this PFAD Filtration Skid project:

Our valued client contacted us at IntES to support them with a new PFAD (Palm Fatty Acid Distillate) Filtration system via the engineering, procurement & construction of a new skid. PFAD, a by-product processing residue from crude palm oil refining, has many uses, perhaps the most interesting of which being explored is the development of highly credible new biofuel options. As such, a suitable and efficient filtration skid is a highly important consideration where PFADs can be extracted.

The PFAD Filtration Skid project began with only a few sketches and preliminary calculations. The goal was to complete the engineering and commence procurement and construction of the filtration skid. However, the project was under immense pressure due to time constraints and long delivery times of materials, which were exacerbated by the chip shortage. Despite these challenges, the project successfully entered its commissioning and completion phase thanks to the hard work of all stakeholders.

IntES Responsibilities:

As the Project Engineering Lead, the individual in charge of coordinating and supervising the project, there were several critical responsibilities to ensure success. One of the primary responsibilities was coordination. The Engineering Lead had to coordinate the piping, mechanical, and E&I contractors for mounting and construction activities, and in doing so, had to resolve multiple construction and production conflicts with ongoing projects. It was critical to ensure that all contractors were on the same page, and their work was integrated into the overall project plan.

Another important responsibility was engineering. IntES also calculated the pump head and sizing requirements, conducted a HAZOP session for inside battery limit (ISBL), reviewed safeguarding for newly mounted actuated valves, and reviewed and corrected P&ID’s to “as-built”. These tasks were essential in ensuring the safety, reliability, and efficiency of the filtration skid.

Supervision was also a crucial responsibility. IntES supervised the construction and commissioning of equipment, instrumentation, and the entire filtration system. They instructed operators and assisted in start-up and power down procedures (3-shifts), which helped ensure that the system was working correctly and safely.

Finally, reporting and control were also crucial responsibilities. IntES reported costs current and forecast, estimated costs for additional scope activities, and planned and reported activities for individual contractors and coordination activities. These tasks were critical to ensure that the project stayed within budget and schedule.

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