Technical Due Diligence for a Leading Global Mining Company

Project Overview:

Project: Technical Due Diligence for potential acquisition of a new processing plant
Where: Europe
IntES Services: Technical Due Diligence

About Our Client:

Our valued client is a leading global mining company responsibly producing copper, nickel, platinum metals, iron ore, manganese, minerals and more, for a broad range of applications across nearly all areas of modern life. With an integral commitment to sustainability and a greener global future, our client is using their considerable innovative technologies and world-leading practices towards a healthier environment and future development to benefit all. One such project involves nutrient-rich minerals which are forming cutting-edge new eco-friendly fertilisers in agriculture which could help revolutionise modern agricultural practices and reduce the environmental impact of farming for the world’s growing population.

About the Project:

It is this latter innovative venture with which our client required our Technical Due Diligence services. Considering the acquisition of a fertiliser processing plant in Europe, our client approached us for our specialist services to provide an objective, comprehensive technical review of the advantages and disadvantages of the prospective facility. Our client wanted IntES’ professional opinion on all the technical aspects of the plant, from the condition of the buildings and equipment, to recommendations on operational reliability and particular product processing requirements. Thereby providing our client with all the necessary information and data to aid their strategic business decision in this matter.

The Project Scope:

Our client asked for the following deliverables from the Technical Due Diligence:

  • Assess the purchase risks of the physical assets
  • Assess plant lifecycle status
  • Investigate plant reliability (uptime/downtime) and main cost drivers
  • Study the specific mineral’s properties and processing
  • Investigate possible production bottle-necks
  • Determine plant needs to handle and produce the specific mineral containing product
  • Identify any potential “fatal flaws”

Our Approach & Results:

As with all our projects, we approached this technical due diligence project as an extension of our client’s team, working collaboratively and transparently throughout. We appointed a specialist hand-picked team from our bank of IntES experts with the most knowledge and experience in this sector to work on this project and carry out all the necessary investigations. The structure and contents of the reports provided were discussed and agreed with our client’s Operational Readiness Director and Head of Crop Science and Solution Department from the outset and adjusted collaboratively throughout following draft reviews in order to ensure the information was presented in the most optimal way to aid and complement the client’s own internal processes. The final written reports delivered by IntES contained all the detailed technical findings our client had requested and in-depth analysis and evaluation from our IntES specialists, with which our client was able to progress with their decision making internally.

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